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Software DevelopmentHardware DesignLow Level Software DevelopmentNetwork Related Development


With our long history in the field, we provide a wide range of services. We provide both consulting and outsourcing services.

Embedux will help you use your board in the best way possible so you can get the most out of your design and with the maximum reliability.



Embedded Linux Services

  • Linux friendly board design
  • Board bringup and bootloading
  • Drivers
  • Root filesystem
  • Userspace applications
  • Opensource applications porting
  • GCC porting
  • Toolchain building
  • Linux Kernel bug fixing
  • Porting existing systems
  • Reliable usage of the board design



OS-less Embedded Services

  • Kernel writing
  • OS-less applications
  • Low level development







Embedded Linux Services



Software Services

  • Object oriented design of large scale systems
  • Integration with hardware based logic (FPGA/ASIC/...)
  • Distributed systems design and development
  • USB supporting applications
  • TI DSP Bios




Network Services

  • Internet protocols (LAN and WAN)
  • Voip protocols
  • Telephony protocols
  • Design and implementation of proprietary protocols



Monitoring/Control Software

  • Monitoring/control software on the device / on external computer
  • Windows based GUI
  • On board or server based web site
  • Graphic design for GUI and web site
  • Any kind of online media



Hardware Services
  • Linux friendly / general purpose board design
  • Existing hardware re-design
  • Integrating with existing hardware and external devices
  • Integrating with real world sensors
  • Integrating with a wide range of communication platforms
  • Integrating embedded platforms with host computers
Hardware Services